Is Halloween 2020 cancelled?

With the fall season quickly approaching, many have questioned whether they will be able to celebrate the fall festivities this year, especially Halloween. Every year people get together and celebrate a fun Halloweekend. People were really excited for Halloween 2020 since it was going to fall on a Saturday and...

Not a Normal Semester

By Samantha Medina   As the fall semester reaches the halfway mark, students at Colorado State University Pueblo are starting to get used to all the new changes brought on this semester due to COVID-19. With mask mandates, online classes, social distancing, and virtual events, students have had to adjust...

Adjusting to a new normal

By Samantha Medina After over six months, people have had to adjust to new lifestyles due to COVID-19. Mask mandates, social distancing and staying at home has made life difficult by limiting the usual daily activities. People are adjusting to the new normal and maybe even liking the new way...

New Normal for Chile & Frijoles Festival

By Samantha Medina   This year’s Chile Frijoles Festival was definitely one to remember. With the social distancing rules and limitations on the amount of people, the chile fest was not the same. In previous years, the chili fest was always filled with locals and people from out of town...

Donations for Winter Necessities

Samantha Medina   As we move into the colder months, more and more people are in need of warm clothing as they prepare for these cold months. The individuals and families who cannot afford to purchase these winter necessities look to donation centers for help. Pueblo Cooperative Care Center provides...
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Get Registered

By Rebecca VanGorder Election Day is nearly upon us and the race is on to get people registered and ready to vote.  So how does one get registered? There are a number of sites out there to check registration status. Some states have deadlines coming up on getting registered to...
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EDITORIAL: Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Legacy Lives On

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Legacy Lives On By Tiffany Pettigrew  Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died Friday, September 18, 2020, surrounded by her family in her Washington D.C. home at the age of 87. The feminist icon’s death is preceded by a 27-year long career on the SCOTUS fighting for...
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