CSU-Pueblo gets to know CSU System interim chancellor

Anthony Frank | Photo courtesy of CSU System Interim Chancellor and President of Colorado State University-Fort Collins Anthony Frank made a trip to Pueblo to attend a Q-and-A with CSU-Pueblo President Lesley Di Mare March 9. Frank, who became president of CSU in 2009, was selected to be interim...

Malcolm Ruben looks to solidify his spot as starting quarterback

Malcolm Ruben Conversations about Colorado State University-Pueblo quarterbacks usually revolved around the names Ross Dausin and Chris Bonner. As football players who have been instrumental in numerous Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference championships and even a national title, they have solidified a spot in Thunderwolf history. Few people would mention, let...

Every day is precious for CSU-Pueblo alumnus

Sarah Lowell enjoys time with her mother. It’s just the end of another work week for Sarah Lowell, as she prepares dinner for her two children, Darrell, 8 and Elijah, 3. Lowell cherishes the time she spends with her children, she knows all too well that time is fleeting. The...
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Big goals in Bonner’s future

  ThunderWolves quarterback Chris BonnerPhoto credit: Dustin Cox Nothing in former ThunderWolves quarterback Chris Bonner’s life is small. He plays big, he dreams big and not to mention, he’s 6-feet-7 inches tall. At 6’7, Bonner is listed as the second tallest man on the ThunderWolves 2014 roster, trailing only 6’8,...

Military training prepares Wilson for director position

As the director of Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action and Title IX at Colorado State University-Pueblo, Roosevelt T. Wilson has mastered the need to be prepared. He has brought years of military training and expertise to his position, where he is working to create a more inclusive and diverse environment on campus....

Involvement is key to success for Zarr

Sarah ZarrCSU-Pueblo Color Guard Zarr and her father at the 2014 ASG inauguration Sarah Zarr’s weekly schedule looks a bit like a game of Tetris. Meetings, classes, work responsibilities, homework and more meetings are all carefully pieced together like a puzzle to make her days manageable. Zarr is a junior...

Local couple develops secure travel bag

Pueblo entrepreneur David Ponx is hoping to revolutionize the bag industry by creating something that may change the way we look at secure products in the future. Ponx and his wife Jacque, who is a CSU-Pueblo alumna, have spent more than 18 months working with an array of professionals to...

Getting to know CSU-Pueblo’s new king and queen

Enrique Rodriguez and Alisa Proffer King Enrique Rodriguez Senior exercise science major Enrique Rodriguez, Jr. is CSU-Pueblo’s 2014 homecoming king. Rodriguez partnered with Alisha Proffer to campaign for homecoming royalty together. “I was surprised to win,” he said. “I’ve had my 15 minutes of fame, now it’s back to reality...
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