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91st Oscars Recap: A historic night for superhero, music and foreign films

By Jacob Duran The 91st Academy Awards are going down in film history for a wide variety of reasons.  It was the first show since 1989 that didn’t have a host and many nominees pulled off surprises.  The most significant is the first superhero movie nominated for Best Picture. “Black...

Riverdale mid-season 3 returns full of drama and intrigue

By Jacob Duran Staff writer The CW’s Riverdale third season has returned after a mid-season break in full dramatic swing.  This season has already been full of many twists and turns along with every character changing through the season.  This mid-season break wasn’t wasted, as the return is must watch...
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Changing the plots of love stories

By Dashon King When it comes love stories, “Love, Simon” is a different and new take how to tell such stories. The movie is about a high school boy who is like everyone else, except he has a secret that he keeps. Simon is gay. His privacy is jeopardized when...

Ready Player One

by Jacob Durran Steven Spielberg, one of the most consistent directors in Hollywood currently and has given us what he is best at giving: A great adventure with an engaging story and well fleshed out characters. This is a movie that proves a film can have nostalgia and pop culture...
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