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‘La Llorona’ a tense, problematic ride

By Joshua Bitz Staff writer If you grew up in a Hispanic household, it’s likely you’ve heard the story of La Llorona before. Once there was a beautiful woman named Maria who married a wealthy man and had two sons with him. However, the man cheated on Maria and left...
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Brie Larson marvels in ‘Captain Marvel’

By Jacob Duran Staff writer Marvel Studios has released its twenty first movie “Captain Marvel” and has added a lot new elements to the Marvel Cinematic Universe while showing what fans love.  This movie is a prequel to the whole universe set in 1995. The setting leads to many great surprises...

Riverdale mid-season 3 returns full of drama and intrigue

By Jacob Duran Staff writer The CW’s Riverdale third season has returned after a mid-season break in full dramatic swing.  This season has already been full of many twists and turns along with every character changing through the season.  This mid-season break wasn’t wasted, as the return is must watch...
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Changing the plots of love stories

By Dashon King When it comes love stories, “Love, Simon” is a different and new take how to tell such stories. The movie is about a high school boy who is like everyone else, except he has a secret that he keeps. Simon is gay. His privacy is jeopardized when...
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