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14 Day Plan to Reduce Covid on Campus

By: Kelly Keogh   As Covid-19 cases continue to rise in Colorado and in the city of Pueblo, Colorado State University Pueblo has begun to take action.    President of CSU Pueblo, Timothy Mottet, filmed his regularly scheduled Monday Minute youtube video including the two most impactful steps the campus...
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Fifth CSU Pueblo Give Day a success

By Harmony Clearo    Love CSU Pueblo Give Day was a success, to say the least. Give Day began on Thursday, Oct 29 and lasted a full 24 hours. And in that short amount of time, more than $72,000 were donated to multiple university clubs and organizations. Faculty, staff, students,...
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Staying Safe for Halloween

What can you do to make this Halloween just as special and scary as other years! Safe and entertaining ways to make this year’s Halloween special. Go ghosting Create a treat bag of goodies for a friend, family member or neighbor and leave it on their doorstep with a note...
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Sustainable Fashion 

By Alexis Vigil  Sustainability in fashion is a new movement for people who want to be more conscious and explore their clothing options. This is ideal for those who want to be both fashion-forward and environmentally friendly.     Sustainable fashion refers to the whole life cycle of clothing from the beginning...
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Inclement Weather Information

With all the recent roller coasters of ever-changing weather, here in  Southern Colorado. The high winds, snow, and freezing temperatures can be a concern when traveling. The students and staff safety here at CSU-Pueblo is a priority when it comes to reaching your destination. If inclement weather occurs,  please monitor...
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Goodbye 2019 and Hello 2020

It’s only been a semester and we’re about to enter a new, crazy decade. It's the beginning of December, but before the month is out, how about we take a moment to remember the events that took place through these fine 10 years? The impeachment of President Donald Trump has...
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CSU-Pueblo has a lot to give

By Megan Moore CSU-Pueblo give day started at exactly midnight on November 15th! Give Day is a 24hr crowd funding campaign that helps various programs, departments, and organizations raise money for the year. The Give Day donation website opened for any person to give to 26 initiatives trying to make...
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CSU-Pueblo intramural sports encourage student participation

By Luke Siggins Staff writer This semester, intramural sports at Colorado State University-Pueblo have implemented changes to make it easier for students, staff, and alumni to sign up for sports and teams. Bill Moorman, assistant director of student recreation, has overseen all activity of the intramural and club sports on...
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Pack student on the road to a journalist lifestyle

By Uri Prescott Staff writer   Chris Churilla has made the most of his time at Colorado State University-Pueblo by making it to the finals for the John C. Ensslin Scholarship. In November, Churilla was considered for the John C. Ensslin Scholarship. The competition for the scholarship consists of seven...
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