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Joseph: Packfest brings beats back to CSU Pueblo campus

By Cassime Joseph Special contributor to The Today Questions and comments flew across the festival grounds.  “This year’s Packfest is going to be lame.”  “They did not sell enough tickets.” “Who is JoeyBada$$?” These are what some of the students said when it came to the Sept. 18 Packfest. Unexpectedly...
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Veteran students speak out on Afghanistan withdrawal

Colorado State University media communications student Cassime Johnson served for six years in the United States, including an overseas tour and a brief stint in Iraq. He left the service as a specialist. By Alorah Saldana-Vigil The Today Bill Redmond-Palmer served in the United States Army and deployed to Iraq...
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14 Day Plan to Reduce Covid on Campus

By: Kelly Keogh   As Covid-19 cases continue to rise in Colorado and in the city of Pueblo, Colorado State University Pueblo has begun to take action.    President of CSU Pueblo, Timothy Mottet, filmed his regularly scheduled Monday Minute youtube video including the two most impactful steps the campus...
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Get Registered

By Rebecca VanGorder Election Day is nearly upon us and the race is on to get people registered and ready to vote.  So how does one get registered? There are a number of sites out there to check registration status. Some states have deadlines coming up on getting registered to...
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Pueblo Historical Ghost Walk

By: Kelly Keogh Since 2001 Pueblo Colorado has hosted an annual historical ghost walk. This walk takes place in downtown Pueblo. The Pueblo Domestic Violence Community Task Force runs the event through Union Avenue and the Riverwalk District.    This event is held to tell stories about Pueblo’s past, using...
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GLOBAL HANDWASHING DAY By Alexis Vigil Oct. 15 is reserved for annual Global Handwashing Day and will fall on a Thursday this year. Colorado is about six months into the coronavirus pandemic. So, what better year than this to observe such a day? There are some basic ways individuals can...
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EDITORIAL: Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Legacy Lives On

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Legacy Lives On By Tiffany Pettigrew  Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died Friday, September 18, 2020, surrounded by her family in her Washington D.C. home at the age of 87. The feminist icon’s death is preceded by a 27-year long career on the SCOTUS fighting for...
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CSU Pueblo’s Newest Collaborative Addition- The Center for Integrated Health and Human Inquiry

By Alexis Vigil     Colorado State University Pueblo's newly renovated psychology building, dubbed the Center for Integrated Health and Human Inquiry (CIHHI), celebrated its grand reopening just in time for the fall semester on Thursday, August 20, 2020.  The $16.8 million state-funded renovation project was completed in just one year,...
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