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Parking a car on campus cost students

Parking passes at Colorado State University-Pueblo are expensive and many students do not have the means to pay for them. CSU-Pueblo’s auxiliary services initiate the parking pass fees and regulations. According to parking and safety manager, Laurie Kilpatrick, the purpose of having parking permits is to ensure safety on campus...
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Written and directed opera, Strange Fruit, was a success for Dr. Volk

By Madison Hildebrand CSU-Pueblo Today Photo/ Madison HildebrandShai Funk, flute extraordinaire, contributed a soft, fleeting sound to the orchestral compositions. Hoag Hall was home to a very special performance for three nights from September 1-3, showcasing CSU-Pueblo’s own Dr. David Volk’s newly-written opera, Strange Fruit. The storyline was based on...
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New campus eatery opens

By Chianna Schoenthaler/ Ashley Schaerfl Photo Credit: Avery LewisThunderZone Pizza and Taphouse opened just a short walk from campus making it easy for students to access. ThunderZone Pizza and Taphouse officially opened for business during the grand opening of Thunder Village Aug. 28. ThunderZone is the first tenant to occupy...
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