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Staying Safe for Halloween

What can you do to make this Halloween just as special and scary as other years! Safe and entertaining ways to make this year’s Halloween special. Go ghosting Create a treat bag of goodies for a friend, family member or neighbor and leave it on their doorstep with a note...
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Sustainable Fashion 

By Alexis Vigil  Sustainability in fashion is a new movement for people who want to be more conscious and explore their clothing options. This is ideal for those who want to be both fashion-forward and environmentally friendly.     Sustainable fashion refers to the whole life cycle of clothing from the beginning...
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Pueblo Historical Ghost Walk

By: Kelly Keogh Since 2001 Pueblo Colorado has hosted an annual historical ghost walk. This walk takes place in downtown Pueblo. The Pueblo Domestic Violence Community Task Force runs the event through Union Avenue and the Riverwalk District.    This event is held to tell stories about Pueblo’s past, using...
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GLOBAL HANDWASHING DAY By Alexis Vigil Oct. 15 is reserved for annual Global Handwashing Day and will fall on a Thursday this year. Colorado is about six months into the coronavirus pandemic. So, what better year than this to observe such a day? There are some basic ways individuals can...

Food for the soul: 5 days of Thanksgiving dishes

Looking for something new to put out on the table for an upcoming holiday dinner? All during break, the staff of the Today at Colorado State University-Pueblo are sharing their favorite recipes for meals and desserts to try out for the holiday season! Note: Fall Break will be from Nov....
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Students Bowl in Pueblo

By Alex Purcell Bowling is often overlooked when considering nighttime activities, but it’s a fun, affordable way to kill some time. Downtown Pueblo boasts a unique venue for doing just that. Bowlero Lanes is a family-owned business located on the lower floor of the Midtown Shopping Center. The facility features...

Influential campus leader Jack Seilheimer dies at 78

Jack Seilheimer protested on campus with students. He made an effort to build campus relationships during his 49 years as a professor. Former Colorado State University-Pueblo professor Jack Seilheimer died on Oct. 26 at 78. He was heavily involved with CSU-Pueblo’s campus and was regarded by many as an influential...

Campus events help students handle exam stress

Created at http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk Finals week is here, and Colorado State University-Pueblo will be hosting a few campus events to help minimize stress. Those events will include “Calm Before the Storm” and the “Relaxation Station.” The “Calm Before the Storm” event will be held at Greenhorn Hall, Tuesday, Dec. 9, from...
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