“Baby Driver” does not disappoint

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By Jacob Duran

Edgar Wright’s 22-year vision for this movie did not disappoint as it has combined action, music, splendid editing, likable characters, and an original story along with a cast that is also having a ball right along with the audience.

There is not a minute of this movie that is wasted and the attention to detail is spotless.

Wright’s “Baby Driver” encompasses Baby (Ansel Elgort) a getaway driver who works for a criminal overlord named Doc (Kevin Spacey) who uses music as a way to help him focus and be one of his best getaway drivers. As the journey progresses he meets and falls in love with a waitress named Deborah in a romance that beautifully progresses with the film.

The story is a crime, action and pseudo-musical all at once with each element given equal time. This movie also hits the right balance of style and substance. The style is impressive and distinguishes itself from other movies and has Edgar Wright’s fingerprints all over it. Exquisite substance combined with style make for a can’t miss movie. Not a frame is a wasted and there is no filler.

The music, as hinted at before, is a major component of what makes this movie so fun and enjoyable. The soundtrack is a great balance of classic songs, mixed with new hits. The choice of songs flows with every scene whether it’s a chase scene or simply dialogue. Another nice detail is most of the action connects to the lyrics of the song.

The directing by Wright is spectacular. He had a 22-year vision for this movie and his time and effort clearly shows. The movie not only has style all over it but it does what many movies struggle with, combining real substance to go with that style. There is no better proof of this than the attention to detail shown in every scene.

The editing and stunts must also be given credit as both are as important to this movies success as the action and storyline. The majority of the action is done with stunts in camera with minimal visual effects making the action clear and gets viewers immediately hooked. The editing is also creative and keeps viewers guessing.

This movie does have a lot going for it however there is one aspect that could have been better. The pacing tends to be a little too fast at times and important details can be missed if not seen. This is a movie that can’t be casually watched.

“Baby Driver” is one of the most original action movies in quite a while. The editing is unique and different from most action movies. The characters are all fleshed out and likable and the movie is a believable and beautiful romance that combines with a killer soundtrack.

This movie has something for everyone so go join in on this enthralling and action packed gem.