Event Preview

Upcoming student symposium presents scholarly works from students across campus


By David Buck

Colorado State University-Pueblo is hosting a research and scholarly works Symposium on April 7, 2017. All current students and graduate students are invited to submit their research or creative work for presentation at the Symposium.

Per Susan Belport, the professor in charge of the symposium, senior projects are accepted and should have an accompanying abstract. An abstract, defined by Webster’s Dictionary, is a summary of the contents of the work.  Projects will be presented as either an oral podium presentation or poster presentation.

Projects such as art or music have a place at the symposium as well. According to Belport, the symposium is dedicated student research and creative work done as part of their education.

Per the official web page, “The Symposium invites oral, poster and other creative presentations of scholarly works from all CSU-Pueblo students.”

Students will also need approval from a professor or mentor to be considered. If a student’s work requires Institutional Review Board approval, a letter must be supplied by the IRB, according to Belport.

The page contains links to an entry application and instructions on how to complete a successful abstract for submission. According to the event notice, participation in the symposium can lead to the possibility of a student’s work being included in the CSU-Pueblo library.

The deadline for submission was March 3, at midnight. Most students who applied will be accepted to present, if all criteria are met, Belport said.

One of the requirements for submission is to develop an abstract about the student’s project. Belport provided some advice for students aspiring to submit their work: use the abstract format typically used in the profession and to involve an instructor or mentor as soon as possible.

The abstract, type of presentation and general content of the presentation will need to be approved by the mentor/instructor as part of the application.

The symposium is free to attend for anyone interested. For more information, contact Susan Belport at 719-549-2459 or visit https://www.csupueblo.edu/research-and-sponsored-programs/student-symposium.html.