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Capture the Flag!


By Tiffany Underwood

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Christian Challenge hosted glow in the dark capture the flag from 7:30 p.m. until 9 p.m. meeting at the fountain in the front of Colorado State University- Pueblo.

The game of capture the flag was played at the center of the campus, between the math building and the OUC, where the two teams hid their flags. “I enjoyed meeting students from different areas of the school, they just came out to play it didn’t matter what class or club they were in we were able to come together and play a fun game.” Mark Pierce, community volunteer said.

Instead of a flag to capture the teams were given a light up Frisbee disks, giving them the opportunity to throw the flag to another teammate if about to be tagged out. When players enter on the opposing side of the field and tagged by an opposing player they were considered out. Players would then be sent to jail and remain there until released by another teammate. To win the game the team must return to their own flag while having control of the opponents’ flag as well.

Before the game, players were separated into two teams, receiving either a green or blue glow stick to signify their side. The game began at the neutral zone in front of the Psychology building. From there they would either protect their own teams flag or try to find the other teams flag to capture it.

Marcelo Rodriguez, Senior at CSU-Pueblo said, “It’s really cool to see a group set up an event like tonight because it’s something fun to do that is free and has an open social environment that includes everyone.”

The first round was played with two teams of 13 players. After almost an hour of students competing, majority of the blue team had been tagged and stuck in the green teams’ jail, leading to the victory of the green team shortly after.

Many student athlete players decided to leave after the first-round due to possibly dangerous situation, such as wet grass and poorly lit areas of the campus that could affect their season’s performance.

The second round consisted of teams of 8, because of the lack of player the teams could not be within 30 feet of their own flag or jail. Despite the rule change the green team was still victorious.

John Lancaster, Senior at CSU-Pueblo said, “After enjoying a lazy summer it felt really good to get active again with some of my fellow students in a fun game.”