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CSU-Pueblo professor will kiss a donkey this Valentine’s Day


by Ashley Schaerfl

The Pre-Veterinary Club is holding a fundraiser this week in the LARC that ends with a professor kissing a donkey on Valentine’s Day.

This week the club is holding a fundraiser in the LARC building and in different classes in the LIfe Science building. The fundraiser will ultimately help get their members K-9 CPR certified and will hopefully help start the funds for members to attend the American Pre- Veterinary Medical Convocation in March. “Just a donation for a vote,” Kira Braun, the President of the Pre-Veterinary Club, said. The club is taking donation to help not only raise money for the club but also to help vote on which professor will kiss the donkey known as Taffy.

Students only need to bring loose change or even a $100 to vote for the professor that students may either like or dislike to kiss the donkey, according to the Treasure of the club Kyla Nesmith. Students are more than welcomed to bring their pennies nickels and dimes in order to help the group get past their goal of $150.

The actual kissing will be held tuesday, Valentine’s Day, at 1:30 p.m. for all students to come and watch and to meet the lucky donkey Taffy after the kiss is held.  The four professors that are being voted on are Dr. Franziska Sandmeier, Dr. Matthew Cranswick, Dr. Claire Ramos and Dr. James Steel. “ All of the professors are animal lovers but it would be funny to see DR. Cranswick kiss Taffy,” Kira Braun. The professor that has the most votes for the fundraiser will be at the reveal on Tuesday to potential kiss their first donkey. The last day to vote is Monday Feb 13 in the LARC.

The are also fundraising for new members to join the club. “As of right now, we only have 6 active members,” Kira said.  They are a club that wants to expand and help other people get K-9 CPR Certified and help those who want to go to veterinary school get the volunteer hours they need. One trip new members could possible attend is a trip to The  W.O.L.F Sanctuary here in Colorado.