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Outdoor Pursuits 5th Annual Gear Swap event set for Oct. 15

CSU-Pueblo Outdoor Pursuits Program ~ Image courtesy of csupueblo.edu
CSU-Pueblo Outdoor Pursuits Program ~ Image courtesy of csupueblo.edu
CSU-Pueblo Outdoor Pursuits Program
~ Image courtesy of csupueblo.edu

On Oct. 15, Colorado State University-Pueblo Outdoor Pursuits will be hosting its 5th Annual Gear Swap during the CSU-Pueblo Homecoming Tailgate.

Outdoor Pursuits offers equipment rentals, hiking trips and outdoor fitness advice to CSU-Pueblo students.  Since 1991, the organization has helped students, faculty, staff and alumni enjoy the Colorado outdoors. For the past five years, the student organization has arranged a gear swap event during the fall semester.

According to Outdoor Pursuits Student Director Reese Irwin, the gear swap is similar to a swap meet or flea market. The event, which is open to vendors from around the area, encourages students to sell their used athletic and camping equipment. There is no fee associated with selling at the event, Irwin said.

According to Outdoor Pursuits Event Coordinator, Jennifer de Groot, students can also trade used items. The event is open to everyone and students do not have to be a seller to attend. Students interested in purchasing or trading gear are free to do so at the gear swap.

In addition to vendor and student equipment, used gear from Outdoor Pursuits will be for sale at the meet. The gear is high-quality and in excellent condition.

“It’s ready to go out the door,” Irwin said, “There shouldn’t be any repairs needed. We’re selling good gear.”

Any defects in gear will be clearly labeled, with plenty of information available about the defect, if applicable. Quality control is high regarding the equipment for sale, and a wide variety of gear will be offered.

“This year, we’re basically opening the doors to anything related to camping, outdoor sporting, fishing — even beat up old acoustic guitars count,” said de Groot.

This year’s Gear Swap will take place at the CSU-Pueblo Ropes Course on campus Oct. 15, between 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Those interested in more information can contact the Outdoor Pursuits at 719-549-2085.


Edited by: Theresa Wolf