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Admissions staff aims to recruit both freshmen and transfer students for fall and make them feel at home

There was a 5.4 percent increase in freshmen enrollment last year, and CSU-Pueblo Admissions staff aims to continue to increase those enrollment numbers.
(Photo by Dustin Cox)

by Thomas Thortvedt

Colorado State University-Pueblo is working to increase the number of incoming freshman and transfers.

Director of admissions at CSU-Pueblo, Tiffany Kingrey, said that the university has plenty of recruiting goals they want to meet. “We’re working to meet the goal of bringing new freshman in that are interested in CSU-Pueblo,” Kingrey said. “But we’re also very committed to bringing in new transfer students as well.” she said.

Kingrey also said that in the past year enrollment has seen increase in diversity with incoming freshman. “I think it’s great to have diversity,” she said. “For us as a university it allows students to possibly learn more about each other and interact with students with different backgrounds,” she said.

Kingrey said that the admissions staff strives to make sure that students understand the coursework that is required to succeed at CSU-Pueblo. Kingrey also said that they don’t want students to be surprised when arriving on campus, so she wants to make sure while recruiting that students have all the information they need.

Being a diverse university, Kingrey said that students come from all over the country, not just Colorado. “We recruit students from Colorado, however, we do have an increasing number of students from other states,” she said. “Our largest number of nonresident students come from California and Texas.” Kingrey said.

CSU-Pueblo also draws interest in students from Arizona, Hawaii, Illinois, New Mexico and Washington. Kingrey said overall she wants students who attend CSU-Pueblo to feel at home. “We don’t want students to feel homesick when they arrive, we wants students who ultimately want to graduate from CSU-Pueblo.” she said.

Last fall, CSU-Pueblo had 835 freshman enrolled and that was an increase of 5.4 percent from the prior year. Kingrey said that an effective marketing campaign is to thank. “Financial aid improvements as well as an effective marketing campaign have helped our University attract students from all over.” Kingrey said.