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Backpacks and State Park passes available free for student rental now in the campus library

CSU-Pueblo Students can now check out State Park passes and visit for free.
(photo taken from CSU-Pueblo Library Facebook page)

by Chianna Schoenthaler

With Summer right around the corner students can pick up state park passes and backpacks provided by Colorado State and Colorado Parks and Wildlife in the library.
The backpacks were distributed throughout the state to public libraries and other various state funded universities last fall.
These passes allow students to check out various state parks throughout Colorado including Cheyenne Mountain State Park, St. Vrain State Park, Lake Pueblo State Park, Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Sylvan Lake State Park and other parks throughout the state.
Jason Falsetto, a sophomore civil engineering technology major, said, “I like the park passes because it promotes going to local state parks, and it gives students the opportunity to explore what we have in our backyard.”
When students check out the park passes from the circulation desk at the library with their student ID, they will receive a backpack. Within the backpack, the student will find binoculars, a wildlife viewing guide, a tree and wildflower guide, other various maps, granola bars and a park pass that is good for everyone in the vehicle.   
The backpack with the pass is allowed to be checked out for seven days and can be renewed once for another seven days before it has to be returned.
Students are able to check out the pass on multiple occasions throughout the semester instead of just once a semester.
Betsy Dekens, a librarian specialist at CSU-Pueblo, said, “I hope that students that normally would not check out the parks because they think it’s too expensive they will use this to check them out.”
Dekens also encourages students to check out other books the library has on trails and hiking areas throughout the state.