Bike trails provide students with warm weather recreation options

Maps of Pueblo’s trail system are located at various points around the city and at 

Although school is still in session, there are ways students can enjoy the weather and take a look at the local community and history of Pueblo.

Pueblo is woven with bike trails that can take a rider from one side of town to the other. Some of the city’s most popular trails are around the Pueblo Reservoir and City Park, and there are also a few that lead to CSU-Pueblo.

Not only are there trails, but Pueblo has also added bike lanes to some of the streets throughout the Union Avenue Historic District in downtown Pueblo and near Parkview Hospital.

Maps of the trails appear all over Pueblo at locations including the Nature Center, City Park and along Union Avenue.

Pueblo native Travis Pineda, 24, is an avid bike rider.

“The trails lead to all different areas of town. It’s convenient for those who prefer not to drive during the spring or summer seasons or those just looking for a way to exercise and enjoy the nice weather,” he said.

For those who don’t have a bicycle, there are places where they can be rented throughout Pueblo. Cycle of Life, the Nature Center, and Joe’s Rent-a-Bike are among the local businesses that rent out bicycles for a day. Prices range from $10 per hour to $30 for a half day.

If riding on the off-trail lanes, cyclists are advised to keep in mind that there are other drivers of motor vehicles around. Appropriate cycling gear includes a helmet and bright colors.

“The trails aren’t in the best condition and could use some repair, but for the most part they aren’t in terrible,” Pineda said. “If you plan on riding the trails for long distances or even just for a little cruise, I would advise that everybody wear appropriate gear that could protect you if any accidents were to happen on the ride.”

Maps of Pueblo’s bike trails are available at and information about cycling traffic laws is available at