Construction crews to install green roof on art and music building

Construction on the art and music building roof will begin this summer. Photo by Jessica Warren.
Construction on the art and music building roof will begin this summer. Photo by Jessica Warren.

The roof of art and music building at CSU-Pueblo is going to have a new look in the coming years.

In the summer of 2015, crews will begin construction on a green roof to replace the current one, which has had problems with leaking.

Over the past 10 years, the CSU-Pueblo campus has undergone some pretty significant changes. The remodeled library and academic resources center, student housing developments and the student recreation area are just a few construction projects the campus has seen recently.

The green roof is one of many constructions projects planned to begin this summer.

Also included in this summer’s construction plans are a gazebo, new walkways and parking lot repairs.

All of these projects have been designed to improve life on campus and many of them will follow sustainable and green standards.

The decision to redevelop the roof came after students and faculty raised concerns about the roof leaking into the rooms below. The current design of the roof doesn’t allow water to run off the roof properly.

Former president of the Associated Students’ Government Tim Zercher said it pools in spots, and leaks into the classrooms. Music students were troubled that the water was getting into the storage where they kept their instruments.

The state of Colorado approved funding to repair the roof. Initially, the state wanted to repave it but this would only lead to similar issue down the road, Zercher said.

The ASG and the state were able to come to an agreement on funding for the green roof design. The hope for the roof is that it will be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

According to the EPA, there are many benefits of green roofs such as reduced energy use, improved health and comfort and enhanced water management and quality. Green roofs also insulate buildings while reducing the high energy intake that normally results from cooling and heating processes.

Photo by Jessica Warren
Photo by Jessica Warren

“Green roofs, by reducing heat transfer through the building roof, can improve indoor comfort and lower heat stress associated with heat waves,” according to the EPA. “Green roofs can reduce and slow storm water runoff in the urban environment. They also filter pollutants from rainfall.”

The state will be contributing to funding the roof, but a huge portion of the cost will come out of the student facility fees.

“We are using fees that have been building up over the past 10 years or more,” Zercher said. “The whole plan will cost $130,000.”

Installment of the green roof is a complicated process, Zercher said. Crews will first measure the area out and lay down several layers of material.

After this, they will apply a seed mixture, which will take a little while to cultivate.

“They put down a special soil. Then they spray it with a paste like substance,” Zercher said. “The paste is made up of a mixture of nutrients, sod, and seeds.”

The mixture will have time to settle, and vegetation will began to grow.

Due to the process of constructing the design, vegetation on the new roof won’t be visible for a few years.