CSU-Pueblo hosts Remarkable Women’s Conference


Colorado State University-Pueblo hosted the Remarkable Women’s Conference April 3 in the General Classroom Building. The event hosted young CSU-Pueblo women and a few members of the community. Quatisha Franklin, coordinator of Health and Prevention Student Affairs, planned the event.

Photo by Alexandra Hyland
Photo by Alexandra Hyland

Different workshops and group sessions were designed in order to inspire and give the young women tools that they can take for the future.

The workshops included tips about finances and how to set goals which were discussed with successful CSU-Pueblo women. There were about 50 female students in attendance, along with a few members of the YWCA and some community members.

The workshops were taught by Marie Humphrey, Carol Daughtery and Carol Loats. Each woman was recognized for being a remarkable woman.

“The three women that I am honoring today are three women that I look up to,” Franklin said.

Loats was recognized as a strong and successful Pueblo community member. She worked for CSU-Pueblo for over 30 years and retired last year. Each year Loats hosts a Young Women Real World conference that hosts workshops for about 80 young women.

Humphrey received an award in honor of Franklin’s grandmother.

“When I think of remarkable women, I think of the words striking and strong. I also think of being a leader,” Franklin said.

Franklin wanted to create an event that would empower young woman at CSU-Pueblo.

“I had a vision to put this program together, I wanted to make it elegant and set the tone to make it classy. My goal was to bring CSU-Pueblo women together as one, to not compete with each other but to collaborate together,” Franklin added.

Franklin hopes that the attendees took away keys to success and how to become successful and to also understand that everyone is different in their own way.

“I want the participants to understand that everyone is unique in their own way.”