Faculty and student employees introduced to new sexual misconduct and Title IX training

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Faculty and student employees at Colorado State University-Pueblo were introduced to a new and updated training on sexual misconduct and Title IX over winter break. The training was broken up into two series and each series took about 30-45 minutes to complete.

The training was updated and issued by Director, Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Title IX Coordinator, Roosevelt T. Wilson as well as Associated Director, Office of Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Kaitlyn Blakey.

“The other training was outdated. Legislature has changed and expanded for civil rights,” Wilson said about the previous training in comparison to the updated training.

Amanda Greene, a sophomore exercise science major and student employee in the athletics department took part of the new training.

“The training was really educational, it was long but I feel like I learned some things I didn’t know before the training , which is the whole point of them,” Greene said.

Title IX first focused on athletics but has expanded to much more beyond just athletics. It has started to focus on the civil rights of a person according to Wilson. He stated that it could be thought of in two parts consisting of gender equality and sexual misconduct.

“In 1927, every school with federal funding could not discriminate based on sex,” Blakey said about Title IX.

“Around 2010 is when it was used to fight sexual misconduct,” Blakey added.

When asked whether they believed if the newly updated training could be more helpful in prevention of sexual misconduct and discrimination in the workplace, both Wilson and Blakey were hopeful.

“I would like to think it will have some impact but I understand it is not a cure all. It’s just a piece of our prevention measures,” Wilson said.

“I think it’s a great tool, if you don’t get anything out of it at least your eyes have been on it,” Blakey said.

More information on the training and if any students, faculty or staff members who are victims of sexual harassment or assault, they are encouraged to contact Wilson at 719-549-2210/2223 or via email at For after hours/emergencies, Wilson can be contacted at 719-290-7332.