General Classroom Building opens for fall 2015

General Classroom Building ~ photo by Dustin Cox
Before Construction-DustinCox-GCB
Before construction began. Photo by Dustin Cox

After just over a year of construction, the new General Classroom Building at CSU-Pueblo is complete and ready for use by the university.

This last week has been a busy one for the staff and faculty who are moving into the new building in preparation for the fall 2015 semester. Students will notice the new building listed as the location for some of their classes during the upcoming semester. The new building will be listed as “GCB” with a classroom number on their schedules.

According to Deborah Proctor of CSU-Pueblo facilities, the building was completed on time and within the $12 million budget. Students will now enjoy more space on campus to hang out, along with more places to study with groups this fall. There is also a new coffee bar available in the building.

Second floor of the new General Classroom Building. Photo by Dustin Cox

Gwen Gilley, architect from Hord Coplan Macht, said the building is completely ready to have students come and enjoy the new classrooms and space for studying. She said the contractor will be around for the next few months to ensure that all is well with the new building, which comes with a one year warranty to make sure everything is kept in good working order.

There will be a ribbon cutting event held on Aug. 28 at 2 p.m. with cookies available to students for free, Gilley said.

Full story in the video below.

General Classroom Building Now Open from CSU-Pueblo TODAY on Vimeo.