Holocaust victims to be honored during Day of Remembrance

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A Day of Remembrance will be held at Colorado State University-Pueblo Thursday in recognition of the 6 million Jews who died during the Holocaust.

Organized by CSU-Pueblo professor Pam Richmond, the event will be held on the Pueblo campus as well as the Tower location in Colorado Springs and is open to all students, faculty and community members.

There will be many different activities throughout the day including a memorial service conducted by Rabbi Roberta Becker, a performance by CSU-Pueblo music students, and installation art by Sarah Nako and Leslie Manning. This is the second year that CSU-Pueblo has held the event, but it is the first year that it will also take place at the Colorado Springs Tower.

Richmond said she has several goals for the Day of Remembrance.

“First, honoring the 6 million individuals who perished during the Holocaust. Second, for all that attend to recognize diversity; recognize and accept the differences and similarities between each individual. It’s important for people to understand diversity,” she said. “My long term goal is to get every department on campus involved in this event. For every department to have their own little presentation or activity that people can participate in.”

The Day of Remembrance is a chance to learn about a piece of history that impacted the world and many individuals and families.

Helena Atlas-Acuna will share stories about her parents who suffered through the Holocaust. Her presentation will begin at 10 a.m. in the Occhiato University Center Aspen Leaf Room. Rabbi Becker’s memorial service will follow at 11 a.m.

At noon, students from CSU-Pueblo’s Prizm group will hand out identification cards that will give people who are attending the chance to remember those who suffered during the Holocaust and help them appreciate how diverse the world is becoming.

Richmond said the cards will give the name and background of an individual that perished during the time of the Holocaust.

Throughout the day, senior art student Sarah Nako will be displaying installation art that reflects history and an appreciation for diversity. Her work can be seen in the library during the event time.

At the Colorado Springs Tower Dr. Krista Bridgmon, associate professor of psychology, will discuss post-traumatic stress disorder and the Holocaust beginning at 4 p.m. in room 207. Richmond and Jonathan Poritz, associate professor of mathematics, will host a discussion and screening of the movie “Paperclips.”

Throughout the evening, Leslie Manning, will be displaying installation art, also in room 207.

Richmond hopes the event will make an impact on all who attend.