Is Halloween 2020 cancelled?


With the fall season quickly approaching, many have questioned whether they will be able to celebrate the fall festivities this year, especially Halloween. Every year people get together and celebrate a fun Halloweekend. People were really excited for Halloween 2020 since it was going to fall on a Saturday and people can celebrate all weekend. 


Due to COVID-19 many have had to adjust to new gathering rules. Some have even wondered if it is even worth getting together this year. Then there are many people who still plan to do the Halloween parties and the usual festivities.


Kayla Rhode who enjoys this time of year is very skeptical on whether or not she’s going all out for Halloween. “I’m just trying to stay safe and keep my family and friends safe as well. As much as I love Halloween I don’t know if it’s worth risking getting anyone sick. I think it will be fun just staying home with family or a couple of friends and just watching scary movies. There’s nothing wrong with staying in.” 


Rhodes and many others have agreed that staying in is the way to go, especially during a global pandemic. Scary movies, ordering take out and just enjoying the night is still just as fun. But then there are others who still want to go all out for the Halloween season. 


Every year Erika Cordova has loved dressing up for Halloween. She doesn’t want this virus stopping her from enjoying her favorite fall festivity. “I love dressing up for Halloween. This year was supposed to be the best one yet.”


Cordova mentions that she is still going to follow the safety precautions for small gatherings. I’m not going to have a big party like I usually do but just having a few close friends over and dressing up will still be fun. We love to have a good time on Halloween.” 


Isabel Garcia is still trying to figure what her plans are going to be for the holiday. Garcia has two young kids and she has had to brainstorm how to make this year fun for the kids.


Garcia states, “I don’t want to take them out trick or treating and have them be exposed to other people or vice versa so I’m still trying to figure out what the best option is. 


“They love to dress up and eat candy for Halloween so this year is definitely going to be different. I hope to figure it out soon since they’re going to want to look for costumes and I’d hate for them to have costumes and not have a place to wear them to,” Garcia says.


Many parents and guardians are having a hard time figuring out how to make this year’s Halloween exciting and fun but still being safe. This year will be one to remember.