Let’s Move campaign promotes healthy lifestyle among local kids

Let's Move Campaign. Courtesy of
Let’s Move Campaign. Courtesy of

CSU-Pueblo professor Karen Marley and her program management class will be hosting its annual “Let’s Move” campaign April 25 to promote an active lifestyle among Pueblo’s youth.

The event is aimed at kids grades kindergarten through eighth grade, but all ages are encouraged to participate.

Among numerous incentives to attend the event include free T-shirts to the first 300 participants, various prizes and giveaways as well as activities ranging from yoga and a rock wall to field hockey and rugby.

“In doing this event, my management class gets hands on opportunities to develop and run a highly successful event,” Marley said. “The class is running the entire thing. My job is to simply guide them through the process.”

While the main goal of the event is for the kids to have fun, the class also wanted to be sure to do a good job at letting children and their parents know of the recreation options out there. The “Let’s Move” campaign is designed to help kids get on the right track toward a healthy lifestyle.

In order for the event to be executed, the management class has come up with a mission statement to motivate them. Additionally they have various committees in charge of different parts of the campaign. Each committee has a chair and a vice chair, as well as student liaisons in charge of getting volunteers for the event.

“It’s been difficult to plan the event given the large size of the class. There are so many people, it gets chaotic at times.  I think we are doing a great job despite the difficulties though,” said Cole Gilmore, a student in the management class. “Everything is falling into place and it should go really well.”

Whether it is weight loss or nutritional health or anything in-between, each vendor at the event aims to provide health information to children and their parents. Vendors range from those in the community that promote health throughout Pueblo to the National Governing Bodies of the U.S. Olympic Committee, which will help with volleyball and field hockey.

Registration for the “Let’s Move” event  starts at 8:30 a.m. in the Massari Arena on April 25. The activities run from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and athletic dress is required.

Student volunteers are also needed and should email for more information.