Love it or not, campus offers Valentine’s Day fun

Kissing Contest  Photo by Jessica Warren
Kissing Contest
Photo by Jessica Warren
Kissing Contest Photo by Daniel Potter
Kissing Contest
Photo by Daniel Potter

It’s that time of year again. That time when Valentine love is in the air, but sometimes the smell isn’t so sweet.

Couples all around are making reservations, buying movie tickets, buying chocolates or figuring out what the night will have in store for them and their partner on Valentine’s Day.

Colorado State University-Pueblo students discovered lots of activities on campus this year that they had the opportunity to get involved in and express their true feelings about Valentine’s Day.

On Wednesday, a kissing contest was held in the Occhiato University Center. Students had to hold a box of candy with their lips and perform various feats such as standing on one foot.

There was also a symbolic shredding of ex’s mementos held in the OUC. Students looking for some anger release toward their past relationships could bring in a photo or a letter from an ex or past relationship and have it shredded in public.

Others, who wanted to get the frustrations of Valentine’s Day out of their system, participated in another event in front of the chemistry building. This event included a rose dipped in liquid nitrogen. This caused the rose to take a glass-like form, and then students could smash it on the ground.

These two events were for those who weren’t looking forward to the typical love-fest that Valentine’s Day becomes every year.

Those who enjoy Valentine’s Day also found several events in the OUC that offered candy, crafting and gifts.

The CSU-Pueblo Bookstore had gift bags with stuffed animals and candy available for purchase. The CSU-Pueblo Health Education and Prevention Program hosted a game where participants could answer questions about drugs and alcohol and win bags of Valentine’s candy.

One of the most popular events was held on the main floor of the OUC Friday afternoon. Students could make candy flowers in a vase for the special people in their lives. The craft was free to students and sponsored by Student Engagement and Leadership.

Views of Valentine’s Day differed for lots of the students at CSU-Pueblo.

Cooper Hoag, a senior business major, had the same plans as a lot of the single students at CSU-Pueblo.

“Pizza, sweats and Netflix,” Hoag said when asked what he had in mind for the special holiday.

Sydney McIntyre, a senior mass communications major, had a brighter, more positive outlook on the day.

She said, “Every day should be Valentine’s Day!”

Whatever your feelings about Valentine’s Day, something to look forward to this year is warmer temperatures and sunshine. Valentine’s Day is going to be a beautiful day in Pueblo.

And if you don’t have a special Valentine this year, be your own; love yourself. Valentine’s Day is meant to be full of romance, but you should also treat yourself.

Get some flowers or a huge box of those yummy, assorted chocolates. Get outside and enjoy the day with friends, family or just yourself.