Mandatory freshmen to sophomore workshops implemented


The Center for Academic Enrichment is hosting mandatory freshmen to sophomore workshops designed to help students transition into their second year. These workshops will take place twice a day for two weeks beginning  Feb. 15 until Feb. 26.

The workshops were designed and will be presented by first-year advisors.

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“We will cover numerous topics during these workshops, again the focus is to help them become more independent students,” said academic advisor John Sandoval.

In the fall, Sandoval shares that the Center for Academic Enrichment also hosted workshops focused on teaching students how to build their schedule, navigate PAWS and start the fall semester in a positive manner. He added that the spring workshop will be tailored to teach them basics as well as help them grow even further in their educational career.

“Some of the main points will include contacting faculty, DARS, navigating department websites, important spring dates, FAFSA and scholarships and early registration,” he said.

Though there is a wide range of topics being covered at these workshops during a 30 to 40-minute time period, Sandoval said these workshops will also encompass a Q&A component that will take about 20 minutes. He said it would allow for more topics.

Freshman business major Alicia Rhone has yet to attend but said, “I hope to gain the understanding of how to use my PAWS accounts and learn more about how to access scholarships as well as gain a better and more in depth knowledge of the FAFSA process.”

Because they are offered two times a day for two weeks, students are encouraged to find a time to fit their schedules and attend.

Freshmen students who will be sophomores in fall 2016 can stop by the Center for Academic Enrichment located in LARC 151 to sign up for a workshop time. Walk-ins are also welcome.

Advising contact information can be found at