Media Friends Club hoping to provide engaging opportunities


Media Friends Club, formerly known as the Mass Communications Club at Colorado State University- Pueblo is hoping to provide engaging opportunities for students with an interest in hands-on experiences within mass communications.

Media Friends members | Photo courtesy of Kristal Deane
Media Friends members | Photo courtesy of Kristal Deane

The club’s president, Rosa Ramos, and members, such as Faniola Charles, are looking forward to recruiting a diverse team of members this semester. They are also striving to be a great asset to the mass communications department at CSU-Pueblo.

“The mass communications major has one important goal and that’s to be in media,” Charles said.

“However, in this club, everyone has a voice and we’re seeking new ways to get as many students involved whether they’re mass communications majors or not,” Charles added.

Ramos is determined to achieve success and believes that this club will be beneficial to everyone that is willing to be apart of something new.

Media Friends is urging students to look out for sign-up sheets and/or announcements around campus within the next few weeks as there are currently no set limits as to how many members can join if interested.

With approximately five active members, overcoming many difficulties regarding budget and tackling the idea of recruitment is currently crucial.

“One major goal we’re wanting to achieve is teaming up with the Thunder Wolves’ Howl to create a podcast for campus similar to the typical morning news, however it’s still awaiting approval,” Charles said.

Charles added that their agenda consists of focusing on social links with various clubs in order to collaborate and learn from each other, therefore unifying, and bringing quality and awareness to the university.

“As president, its been an honor and privilege just to be able to have started this club with a few others and I think we are all jut really excited to progress and have success with this club,” Ramos said.

More information about Media Friends can be gathered by contacting Ramos at