New health education and prevention program intends to prevent drunk driving

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This semester, Quatisha Franklin, coordinator of Health Education and Prevention at Colorado State University-Pueblo has created a program known as “Protect the Pack” to educate and encourage students to not drink and drive. This program will allow students to pledge to not drink and drive, earn incentives from local places and be a public testimony to this awareness.

“Students have the option to sign up and be the designated driver for their group of friends. The goal is to educate students to be aware of the consequences with drinking and driving,” Jonothan Stephenson, co-president of SOUL and senior business management major, said.

When the pledge is signed for that day, the designated student will receive a t-shirt that has a list of the participating sponsors on the back of it. Sponsors working hand in hand with Protect the Pack include Buffalo Wild Wings, Andy Macs, Chili’s, Side Pocket, Classic Q’s, Bowler Lanes and Applebee’s.

As the designated driver, wearing the t-shirt for the night, that student will be able to visit any one of the locations and receive incentives for protecting the pack.

“They will be able to receive a non-alcoholic beverage with an appetizer as a participant,” Stephenson said.

The sponsors will be able to identify the designated driver from the assigned shirts and he or she will be held accountable to not receive any alcoholic beverages and instead receive the free incentives. After the night is over, the student signed up must return the shirt but is not restricted to re-sign up for the following weekend.

Not only is this program a benefit for our campus and students but it also “helps show the community that college students do care about the issues of drinking and driving,” Stephenson said.

“Protecting the Pack allows students to be educated in hopes of making the right judgment,” he added.

Students who are ready to take the pledge and sign up to be a designated driver are encouraged to stop by the Student Life office located in room 103 downstairs in the Occhiato University Center.

Any further questions can also be found at Student Life or directed to Franklin at