Not a Normal Semester


By Samantha Medina


As the fall semester reaches the halfway mark, students at Colorado State University Pueblo are starting to get used to all the new changes brought on this semester due to COVID-19. With mask mandates, online classes, social distancing, and virtual events, students have had to adjust to the new school year.


Students like, Isabel Garcia, have had to spend the first semester of college all from the dorm room. “I was not expecting any of this for my first year of college,” Garcia states. “Although it is different, it has been really difficult adjusting. I just wish I was experiencing all the exciting things everyone always talks about.”


Professor Little, a Mass Communications Professor, expresses how her experience has been so far in the classroom. “It’s been better than I thought. There’s been fewer interruptions in class,” she explains. The most difficult part is not seeing the student’s facial reactions.” Many Professors have had this same feeling throughout the semester. 


Another student who was not expecting a year like this is Kayla Rhodes who is in her third year at CSU Pueblo. “I was excited for this year!” Rhodes explains. “Going to all the events the school puts on was always so fun. I’m also sad that new students aren’t having the same experience.”


With sports also shut down for now, there hasn’t been much activity on campus. Every year CSU Pueblo brings in thousands of local and out of state fans for football, basketball, soccer and more. The Thunderwolves will hopefully be able to get back this winter getting ready for those winter games.


The new normal has taken a toll on everything and students cannot wait to get things back to normal. This was not a normal semester at all. This will definitely be one for the books.