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Outdoor Pursuits throws a party in the dark


By Katryna Pona

CSu-Pueblo Today Photo/ Avery Lewis
Students gathered at the rock wall for a special black light climb. Outdoor Pursuits supplied glow sticks for those that attended.

Colorado State University-Pueblo students were scaling the walls, rock climbing in the dark at the Rockwall black light party on Sept. 7.

The party was hosted by the Outdoors Pursuits (OP) on campus. All CSU-Pueblo students enjoyed the night full of entertainment and friends including, free pizza and music to dance to. “There are not many jobs where you get paid to play,” employee Nia Godwin said, “I genuinely look forward to work every day.”

CSU-Pueblo Today Photo/ Avery Lewis
The rock wall features several climbs, ranging in difficulty. Students were able to attempt any they wanted with the help of Outdoor Pursuits staff.

The Rockwall party has been on campus for three years with a turn out of 30 – 40 people every year. “It is about the students having a fun night,” employee Cala Grayson said, “Seeing people go into absolute ruckus outdoors, and into being better than the staff.” The program’s outdoor activities are not only a great experience participants but also employees.

Students of all ages no matter their climbing experience united together. Taylor Humphrey, a biology major said, “I live in the mountains, and been rock climbing when I was little.”

CSU-Pueblo Today Photo/ Avery Lewis
Outdoor Pursuits staff made sure everything was safe and organized. Students went one-by-one up the wall with harnesses and correct footwear.

All of the participants enjoyed their experience on the Rockwall. Joey Gavato, a sophomore business major, said, “I’ve done rock climbing events with them before, but not major trips.” He joined this event, because it’s a great opportunity to try something new.

Brianna Heifner a junior biology major learned about the event through the email digest. OP also advertised the event with posters around campus

A few students said that they would participate in other upcoming events the OP will have. Heifner said, “Yes, I would love to go on one of their trips.”

OP will be taking a group of students to the Great Sand Dunes National Park starting on Sept. 23-24.