Rev 89 ranks sixth in nation

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Colorado State University-Pueblo’s student operated radio station KTSC-89.9, Rev 89 is ranked sixth in the nation among noncommercial stations.

This ranking is as of the spring 2015 rankings by Nielsen Media, according to a Sept. 18 CSU-Pueblo news release.

“It’s incredible,” said Jenna Mangino, Rev 89 station manager. “I am blown away every year by how this station performs.”

Along with the sixth ranking in the nation, the Rev 89 also tied with KDZA-FM for second place for most listened to radio station in Pueblo.

There are two different ratings. The first is average quarter hourly share and the second is cume, Mangino said. Cume ratings are based off of unduplicated listenership. Rev 89 is sitting at about 17 percent of the Pueblo market.

Back in 2003 and 2011 the Rev 89 received a ranking of number one in the nation.

“We are trying to get back to that point,” Mangino said. “Our students are doing incredible work because it takes a team effort to make the station climb. So getting a national rating means that we are doing something right and we need to keep doing that.”

At this time, the university is the largest financial supporter of Rev 89. With this new rating there is more potential for support from the community, which would translate into dollars for the station.

Rev 89 has some big plans for the near future, Mangino said. There are plans to get streaming going and to launch mobile apps. This station is also getting a new automation system. It will cost $18,000 to update the equipment and get new software, which will allow students to focus on mixing and the sound of the station.