Student Engagement and Leadership books All American Rejects for spring concert

The All American Rejects will be playing at the 2015 spring concert.
The All American Rejects will be playing at the 2015 spring concert.

Student Engagement and Leadership has officially booked the rock band All American Rejects for the CSU-Pueblo spring concert, which is slated for April 10 at 8 p.m. in the Massari Arena.

For more than a decade, the university has been putting on the spring concert event as a means to bring in revenue for the school and provide the student population with high quality entertainment.

“I think they’re good. Everybody likes music so why not have a concert?” said CSU-Pueblo senior Brittany Vigil. “I think they’ll get a turnout (with whoever they have). It’s a concert and it’s cheap for college students.”

The spring concert has featured well-known acts in past years including Bubba Sparxxx, Kirko Bangz and Kanye West.

A lot of effort goes into selecting an act that will perform for students and the process is complex and detailed.

“First off they have to be a band within our budget. In this case (the student government) sent out a survey through Facebook at the end of last semester,” explained Student Engagement and Leadership graduate assistant Tyler Hobson. “It asked you to rate the top band out of a list of five and then it asked you to vote for a second choice and this one was All American Rejects so that’s why we offered it to them.”

In addition to polling students, SEAL also tries to include variety and musical diversity when it comes to the decision making process.

“We always try to change it up each year. Last year was rap, this year is rock, next year is country and we do try to match the demographics in our school. We want to get something that the students are going to love so it’s geared towards someone we think the students want to see,” Hobson said.

With last year’s spring concert featuring Sir Mix A Lot, the man behind the 1992 rap hit “Baby Got Back,” it seemed the age demographic of the school didn’t necessarily fit the act they booked.

This year, students said SEAL seems to have picked a band more relevant to them. With their debut album released back 2003, All American Rejects is a band that most of the students at CSU-Pueblo grew up with.

“I think it will bring more people. Last year’s concert was swayed towards an older generation and was a select kind of music that maybe not everyone was into,” said SEAL student assistant Kelli Gawel. “The fact that All American Rejects was popular with our generation gives the concert that much more interest and appeal to students.”

Students also seem to be looking forward to this band more.

“I’m way more excited for All American Rejects (than I was for the Booty Tour). I actually know their music. I definitely think they should always try to get more acts that we as students grew up with that way we can go and enjoy them,” said junior Haley Gansz.

The doors of the Massari Arena will be open at 7 p.m. and tickets are on sale now. Non-student tickets may be purchased for $25 per person either online at or in person at the Massari Arena Box Office during the hours of 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

CSU-Pueblo students must obtain their tickets, for $10 each, at the Massari Arena Box Office. Students must present their CSU-Pueblo IDs at the box office to purchase tickets and only two will be allowed per student.