Summer break arrives at CSU-Pueblo

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It’s that time of year again where the sun starts peeking out from behind the clouds and we trade in our jackets and sweats for tank tops and shorts. Summer is here and the anticipation is really starting to heat up.

With finals week over, the stress filled, caffeine-heavy, sleepless nights are now in the past.

But what makes summer so great? Why is it constantly sought after and anticipated year after year and even missed the day after it’s over? What truly makes summer our escape?

Junior Summer Bennett is one of many students who can’t wait until the break comes around each year and attributes the anticipation and the happiness it brings to many things.

“Summer means freedom, fun, sunshine, tans and memories. I think it is so anticipated because we get a break from school for three and a half months where there’s nothing to worry about. College kids get to go home and be with their friends or travel and do fun stuff,” Bennett said. “Also, the weather is so nice so it’s just nice to be outside and enjoy it.”

After a long, rigorous school year and grueling finals, there’s nothing college students love more than sleeping in and staying up late each and every day while enjoying that trademark heat and sunshine. Whether it’s to get your tan on and relax or travel the world and get away, summer offers everyone the opportunity to do what they want and make the most of the precious break.

“It is so special because it is the one time a year where we have the opportunity to be stress free,” said junior Antonio Huerta. “Summer means new opportunity and adventures. It gives me the chance to travel or gain new work experiences and learn things that can’t be learned while in school.”

Winter breaks comes and goes in the blink of an eye but summer tends to be a vacation you get to truly enjoy. Students’ minds can be at ease and it’s a time of year where we can truly, entirely unwind and not worry about how many questions will be on a test or when that essay is due.

Summer break also hammers home the point of the old phrase “what you give is what you get.” It will be as fantastic and adventure filled or chilled and laid back as you want it to be. If students want to stay out until three in the morning and travel and see new sights every day of summer, they have that opportunity.

Likewise, if you wanted to stay inside and get your Netflix binge on you can certainly do that as well, because summer does not discriminate. It welcomes all forms of relaxation and contentment that one’s heart may desire.

The break is also used by student athletes to really get on their grind and truly benefit from the offseason. With no classes or studies to take up their days and plenty of rest for their bodies, college athletes use summer to hone their skills and come back for the season bigger, faster and stronger.

“I’m going to focus more on training and making my last collegiate season a record breaking season,” said senior football player Morgan Fox.

In all reality, summer means opportunity. It means a break from the monotonous routine of school life and offers students a switch up from the norm. Not everyone will go out and party, or work out or focus on their job. But no matter what the plans for summer are, everyone can welcome its arrival and appreciate the chance it gives us to make memories each and every year.