The Second City performs at CSU-Pueblo

The Second City logo | Photo courtesy of
The Second City logo | Photo courtesy of

Colorado State University-Pueblo hosted the stand up comedy group, The Second City Comedy, in Hoag Hall on Feb. 16. The Second City Comedy Tour is a program designed to train future stage members in stand up comedy and improvisation. Famous alumni that have performed in this program include Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Amy Poehler, Vanessa Bayer and Bill Murray.

The event featured six comedians: Alison Gates, Andrew Knox, Greg Ott, Miranda Randazzo, Liz Reuss and John Thibodeaux.

The comedians touched on topics of dating in a bar scene, the upcoming presidential election and various improvisation pieces with the influence and suggestions from audience members.

Audience members would share scene ideas, conversation ideas and attitude tones to help the comedians get into a comical character.

The program began in 1967 and have given members the opportunity to travel across the United States and Canada to perform at events hosted by universities, festivals and other organizations.

Directed by Jen Ellison, Ellison had help from stage manager, Scott Flores-Deter, and music director, Dane Halvorson, with the program.

Students as well as local community members were in attendance. Mass Communications majors Brianna Garza and Savannah Schofield were in attendance for their second year.

“We have been coming to the Second City Comedy show every time we can, they are really funny and we enjoy going,” Garza said.

“It’s a good way to get out, have a good time with friends and have a good laugh,” Schofield said.

The two students heard about the show that evening from the school email digest as well as the print mediums provided on-campus.

“I like to utilize attending on-campus events because we pay for them with our student fees,” Schofield said.

“I enjoy going to on-campus events because they are easy to access for on-campus residents, like myself. They are fun and offer a lot of activities for a wide range of people,” Garza added.

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