Tips for surviving midterms

Midterms can be stressful but creating good study habits can help.   Photo by Dustin Cox
Midterms can be stressful but creating good study habits can help.
Photo by Dustin Cox

For many students at Colorado State University-Pueblo, midterm exams are quickly approaching. The weeks around midterms can be stressful, especially when there is so much material to cover and only a limited amount of time to study in the day, but planning ahead can prove to be beneficial.

Here are some tips to prepare for midterms:

  1. 1.     Plan ahead
  • Be certain to jot down the time and date for each exam on a calendar so that you have a visual timeline of when your tests are. This will help you prioritize your study time.
  • Be sure to plan the amount of time that will be devoted to studying each day. This will help you set reasonable goals to follow accordingly, leading up to your exams.
  1. 2.     Be organized
  • Try to find out from your instructor what type of test you will be taking. Whether it is multiple choice or essay form, knowing ahead of time will help you decide your study style.
  • Breakdown chapters and information that are needed to study for each test. Gathering all necessary study materials beforehand will help you dive into your studying process instead of wasting time digging around for materials.
  1. 3.     Review religiously
  • Studying material in smaller “chunks” will be more effective and less stressful than procrastinating and cramming a few days before the exam.
  • Stay on pace. Make sure that class material is fresh in your mind every day leading up to the exam.
  • Participating in review sessions with classmates will help clarify information that will be on the exam in case you missed something in class.
  • For extra information on exams, don’t be afraid to visit your instructors; remember, they’re there to help you.
  1. 4.     Do not procrastinate
  • Don’t wait until the day before the test to study. Pulling an “all-nighter” before a test will diminish your ability to remember everything you studied.
  • You’ll perform better with more sleep. Waking up more refreshed will help your brain function at its highest level.
  1. 5.     Be confident
  • Imagine taking the test and knowing the material. Instead of panicking, keep a positive mindset, and that will help you envision success.

            Along with these tips, CSU-Pueblo also offers tutoring services that are open to all students. Tutoring services include the Math Learning Center, the Gen Ed Tutoring Center, the Writing Center and the Propel Center.

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