Wolf Village constructs new apartments

Wolf Village construction | Photo by YIjun Zeng
Wolf Village is under construction. | Photo by YIjun Zeng

Wolf Village, an independently owned group of apartments near Colorado State University-Pueblo, is adding 18 new units to its community. The apartments, which are currently under construction, will add units that have two to three bedrooms.

Wolf Village property officer Mark Cannon said the 84-unit community previously offered residents housing options that, per unit, included four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

The new units will include suite rooms for couples or residents who want more space in an upper level. In the lower level, there will be two standard rooms.

Much bigger than a standard Wolf Village room, the suite rooms can contain one king size bed and two desks. Other new units will include double rooms.

The new units will be more expensive than standard rooms. With a year lease for a suite room, rent is $845 per month and the standard rooms downstairs are $510 per month. The double room is $620 per month under a year lease.

Wolf Village is a separate entity from CSU-Pueblo, though its residents are exclusively students. Adjacent to CSU-Pueblo, the company owns the land from Gray Wolf Street to the CSU-Pueblo soccer field and from Bartley Boulevard to Troy Avenue. The company’s office is downtown.

It also owns land near the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs and is currently building a new complex, the Mountain Lion Village, near the campus.

Wolf Village construction | Photo by YIjun Zeng
Wolf Village will add 18 units to its community. | Photo by YIjun Zeng

CSU-Pueblo’s oldest dormitory, Belmont Residence Hall, closed for the fall 2015 semester. Cannon said Wolf Village didn’t know it was closing until this semester and that construction of the new units is the result of high occupancy rates.

Currently, Wolf Village’s occupancy rate is 90 percent. If it grows further after construction, the company will continue to add to the complex.

Cannon attributes Wolf Village’s popularity to the amenities it offers to the upperclassmen who live there. Students who live in the community have the option to choose roommates. Also, because the community is off campus, students don’t have to move out over holidays.

Cannon also said he thinks students choose Wolf Village because it’s near campus, rooms have privacy bathrooms and students can cook and wash clothes in the apartment. Also, after two years of residency, rent prices decrease.

Wolf Village also offers employment opportunities for students who live there. Currently, five students work are employed  by the company.