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January 24, 2015 – 7:25 pm |

The Colorado State University-Pueblo football team took care of some “unfinished business” in December when they brought home their first national championship. In response to their 13-0 victory over Minnesota State-Mankato, the university and the …

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Local band “Son of Man” now recording

July 22, 2008 – 2:55 pm |

A local Pueblo band has caused quite the stir among Pueblo fans and has begun recording this month. The five members of Son of Man have been playing together for five years now.
Members Brandan Bustamante, …

Dreams of red, white, blue and gold

July 9, 2008 – 11:04 pm |

It’s that time again. The torch has started its path toward Beijing. China is near the end of their extreme home makeover.
The Olympics are here, and since I’m so very proud to be an American …

Beer Review: Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

July 9, 2008 – 3:17 pm | 2 Comments

Hey everyone, welcome back to the CSU-Pueblo weekly beer review. My name’s Eric and I drink beer…but then again, don’t we all?
The 4th of July has come and gone, leaving the streets of Pueblo filthy …

Students can expect Uber cool changes to residence hall

July 9, 2008 – 3:16 pm |

 CSU-Pueblo welcomes Rhonda Park Uber as the new Director of Residence Life and Housing as of June 2, 2008.
Uber will be responsible for over 600 students in the Residence Life Program, and will be tasked with maintaining …

Part II: Meet the REV 89 DJs

July 7, 2008 – 4:37 pm |

You’ve heard their voices on the radio, now meet the second group of REV DJs face-to-face, courtesy of TODAY’s multimedia producers Matthew Maes and Tracy Thompson.

CSU-Pueblo welcomes Jack Krider as Director of the Student Recreation Center

July 1, 2008 – 3:25 pm | One Comment

Jack Krider was hired by Colorado State University-Pueblo to be the new Director of the Student Recreation Center where it will be Krider’s job to oversee the opening of the student recreation center and manage …

A look at the Mesa Drive-in

July 1, 2008 – 3:22 pm |

The Mesa Drive-In Theatre located in Blende is the only drive-in theatre in Southern Colorado.
It has three separate screens that each play a double feature starting at dusk. The cost $7.50 per person and children under …

My space or yours?

July 1, 2008 – 2:13 pm |

We’re probably all guilty of it. Even I have to come clean that I have a Myspace page, but what effects is this global social networking community really having on us? 
We’ve all heard the problems …

Incredibly another Marvel hit in theaters

June 25, 2008 – 6:00 pm |

Fan boys and moviegoers will enjoy the direction of Louis Leterrier’s interpretation of Marvel Comics iconic hero, “The Incredible Hulk.” Leterrier’s film of the same name delivers huge action scenes, brawny CGI characters and a …

Beer Review: American Beer

June 25, 2008 – 3:21 pm | 5 Comments

Hey everyone, and welcome back to another CSU-Pueblo weekly beer review. My name’s Eric, I drink beer, and I’m broke as hell.
Yep, money’s been tight these past couple of weeks. The energy bill has a …

The Real Answer to a Nuggets’ NBA Championship

June 25, 2008 – 11:12 am | One Comment

The recent trade rumors of Colorado’s biggest sports star have got me thinking. Just like any other fan, I want to know the details.
Who might we get? Who might we get rid of? Will the …

Meet the REV 89 DJs

June 24, 2008 – 7:21 am | 3 Comments

You’ve heard their voices on the radio — now meet the REV 89 DJs face-to-face. TODAY’s multimedia producers Matthew Maes and Tracy Thompson introduce the on-air talent.