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Camaraderie at CSU-Pueblo


By Alex Purcell

Transfer from the Air Force to the Army is a rare occurrence among military personnel, but that’s exactly the move that Anthony Clark made.

Clark became an enlisted airman in the Air Force in 2005. He wanted to advance and become and officer, but due to delays in the promotion boards, he soon realized the delays could stall his career.

He decided to transfer to Army as an officer, which was the better choice. He said it turned out better than he originally anticipated. “How the Air Force, how they designate what you do as an officer is based on what your actual degree is,” Clark said.

Clark has a degree in sports medicine and this would limit his opportunities and job positions in the Air Force. “In the Army you can basically do anything you want,” he said.

He served through 2016 as an engineer in the Army. Fall semester of 2017 marked Clark’s first as a full time Colorado State University-Pueblo student. He is currently majoring in Civil Engineering Technology.

“The CET program is similar to what I was to doing in the army,” he said.

He was stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs with his wife of seven years and they decided to stay. “Its one of the places that we decided to live that we both enjoy,” Clark said.

While he enjoys Colorado and going to CSU-Pueblo, he said he misses the comradery that the military life gave. He has since found some of that lifestyle while working for Veteran Upward Bound and being apart of Student Veterans of America. With this being his first semester as part of SVA, he hopes to move up in the ranks throughout his college career.

Clark is a man to look up to as he takes 22 credit hours and commutes from eastern Colorado Springs all while raising a 3-year-old daughter