Local couple develops secure travel bag


Pueblo entrepreneur David Ponx is hoping to revolutionize the bag industry by creating something that may change the way we look at secure products in the future.

Ponx and his wife Jacque, who is a CSU-Pueblo alumna, have spent more than 18 months working with an array of professionals to make his patent-pending invention CoolBag a reality. Design engineers, branding experts, patent attorneys, marketing strategists, logistics and sourcing experts and even family and close friends have given their input and personal touches to CoolBag.

“CoolBag is cool,” Ponx said. “I want to make a product that allows the fun to happen while you relax and ‘stay cool in life.’”

Ponx has traveled extensively and saw the need for a multi-purpose travel bag that could also provide security for a person’s belongings.

The patent-pending bag he developed features a concealed cooler compartment that can be accessed from both the inside and outside.  The cooler is designed to keep drinks cold for up to six hours.

David and Jacque Ponx pose with their new secure CoolBags.
David and Jacque Ponx pose with their new secure CoolBags.
Photo by Dustin Cox

The CoolBag is also secure and can be used as a portable locker.  It has a locking handle with a combination zipper lock and a cut resistant lining that makes it safe for valuables.  The handle will also detach from one side to allow the bag to be secured to a fixed stationary object, much like a cable lock for a bicycle.

By using crowd funding, Ponx said he hopes to prove that the American dream is alive, and show that entrepreneurs can still achieve it with a little hard work and belief in an innovative product.

The CoolBag team started to raise the capital needed to produce and ship the bags on Nov. 6, and within 12 hours, the product had 34 backers and had raised more than $15,000 in support. Both individuals and companies have contributed to the campaign and will be some of the first owners of the new bag.

Photographer and CSU-Pueblo student Dustin Cox was recently named vice president of communication for the new company. He has been working with Ponx to develop a marketing strategy, taking still shots and video to produce the first commercial for the Coolbag.

“I really enjoy working with CoolBag because it allows me to be creative and really helped me find the major that fits me well here at CSU-Pueblo,” Cox said. “David is an awesome guy to work with, that’s talented and fun.”

Ponx and his wife are excited about the overwhelming response to the Kickstarter campaign and soon hope to see the bag being used around the world.  They also have plans to develop more secure bags in the future.

More information on Ponx’s product can be found at