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Riverdale mid-season 3 returns full of drama and intrigue


By Jacob Duran

Staff writer

The CW’s Riverdale third season has returned after a mid-season break in full dramatic swing.  This season has already been full of many twists and turns along with every character changing through the season.  This mid-season break wasn’t wasted, as the return is must watch and every episode matters with each one building off the other. 

The story has many advantages to keeping it fresh and engaging as the first half ended in a very open-ended fashion, leaving viewers intrigued to see where the story would go.  The characters all have their own character arcs that are separate, yet connected.  These go hand in hand as the story is well paced and limited in dull moments. 

The central characters of the show are anything but static and go through multiple developments.  Archie Andrews has gone from Riverdale’s favorite son to an outlaw on the run with a new purpose.  Veronica Lodge has also went from the spoiled rich girl to owner of Pop’s the local diner while also making it a speakeasy.   

Veronica’s best friend Betty Cooper has simply become a chameleon.  The comic books that this show is adapted from had these same characters for nearly eight decades and they pretty much always stayed the same along with the plots never truly progressing. 

This show has done what the comics hadn’t dared to do: evolve the story and characters and take them to bold new directions. Riverdale is a show that does all this and more while also being genre flexible, going from mystery one episode to the next one being a thriller or horror themed episode. 

This has been a strength of the show since season one as the show began as a mystery with elements of horror.  Then after this, season two was a mystery season that also had crime go along with it.  Season three has continued this as well with many episodes going full on horror. 

The tone also can be molded to whatever the episode needs as this show doesn’t fully commit to one solidified note.  This can go from an optimistic and hopeful tone to one that is dark and more mysterious with some grittiness but the proper amount so that it’s not gloomy.  This show is one of the few that can appeal audiences as the tone can fit a wide audience. 

The original comics, though, they are what the show are adapted from, were fun for what they were but never evolved or let anything or anyone develop.  The characters whether it was Archie or Betty would always have the same personality along with character traits and this was the status quo for decades.  Riverdale has changed this for the better as that isn’t a problem at all for the show. 

Riverdale season 3 started off strong and has only continued this since.  This season has truly had next to no dull moments with every scene counting along with the characters being likable and developing.  

Riverdale Season 3 trailer; spoiler free