CSU-Pueblo alum becomes new assistant coach of Thunderwolf women’s golf

New assistant coach, Michaela Breit
New assistant coach, Michaela Breit


Greeley, Colorado native, Michaela Breit, has joined the Thunderwolf women’s golf team as the assistant coach.

Breit is a recent graduate of CSU Pueblo, earning her bachelor’s degree in business management and marketing, but she isn’t finished yet.  She is continuing with the 3+2 program to get her master’s degree. The MBA program was not always the plan, but she realized at the beginning of her senior year that it was an incredible opportunity available through the Hasan School of Business.

Breit is an avid golfer who played for the university all four years of her undergraduate career. Because she was on the team previously, she notes that this year will be a little different due to her position as a coach. Breit understands that her team has much respect for her since she has played the role of friend and teammate.

As assistant coach, she wants to help the girls reach higher than their expectations. She’s excited about this opportunity because she knows, as a player, a girl can only take themselves so far, but as a coach, she can take them beyond their personal goals.

For this team, community involvement is a large focus. Going to courses and familiarizing themselves with the golf community, which is tight-knit and supportive, keeps the sport alive.

Breit is very optimistic and enthusiastic about the 2014-2015 golf season and has high expectations and confidence in the potential of her team.

The home tournament will be held September 8 and 9 at the Pueblo Country Club. There will be 13 teams including groups from Canada and  Lubbock, Texas in attendance.