CSU-Pueblo faculty and staff win annual basketball game against students

Photo by Daniel Potter
Photo by Daniel Potter

Members of the CSU-Pueblo faculty and staff won the second annual Faculty and Staff vs. Students basketball game March 18 at CSU-Pueblo’s Massari Arena.

The CSU-Pueblo health education and prevention program, along with various other campus departments, including the Stronger As a Pack team, the student engagement and leadership office, external affairs, the student recreation center, the president’s office and the center for international programs organized the event.

“We teamed up with Stronger As a Pack, SEAL, external affairs, the student recreation center and of course my program,” said Quatisha Franklin, health education and prevention program coordinator at CSU-Pueblo. “The event planning started in the beginning of the spring semester.”

President Lesley Di Mare coached the faculty and staff team while Associated Students’ Government president and vice president Timothy Zercher and Mario Ruiz coached the student team.

Members of faculty and staff team consisted of Chris Equisel, Jenay Locke, Josh Koschke, Dax Charles, John Wristen, Laurel Kearsley, Quatisha Franklin, Todd Kelly, Tyler Hobson, Scott Robertshaw, Jerry Hall, Sean McGivney, Chris Fendrich, Danielle Valerio-Anderson and Kevin Coates.

The student team comprised of Danielle Lewis, Malik Garner, Chris Ashe, Phillip Thomas, Olivia Colletti, Juan Rodriguez, Brittany Kliesen, Ronell McNeal, Taylor Voss, Melissa Braun, Jordan Jones-Potts, Tyrell Strickland, Antonio Huerta, Josh Johnson and Charles Evans.

Photo by Daniel Potter
Photo by Daniel Potter

“I just think it’s a great event to bring faculty and students together outside of a classroom environment,” said Taylor Voss, junior business management major and ASG senator at CSU-Pueblo. “Something our campus desperately needs to do is support events that promote campus involvement and build those social relationships.”

Throughout the game faculty, staff and students volunteered in serving food to those who attended the game. Campus radio station Rev 89 also played music at the event.

“I’ve spent most of my career at a university for events just like this, which allow me to support my colleagues and our students while expressing my creativity,” said Cora Zaletel, executive director of external affairs at CSU-Pueblo.

By end of first half students were leading the game against the faculty and staff team.

At halftime, staff and students participated in a zombie dance in support of the Even Zombies Know campaign.

“It was an added benefit that our Thriller performance helped bring attention to the alcohol and drug office’s Even Zombies Know campaign,” Zaletel said.

Executive assistant to the president Trisha Macias said she is looking forward to next year’s event.

“It was a really fun experience and I was pleased to have a small part in it. I was very impressed with the players, the crowd and the enthusiasm everyone brought to the game,” she said.

Photo by Daniel Potter
Photo by Daniel Potter

Another halftime attraction was the flag mob performed by the CSU-Pueblo International Students Association to promote the 77th Annual International Food and Culture Extravaganza, which will be held on April 9 in OUC Ball Room at 5 p.m.

“It was a great opportunity provided to us by Quatisha Franklin to carry out the first ever international flag mob at CSU-Pueblo,” said Annie Williams, director of center for international programs at CSU-Pueblo. “We were honored by the standing ovation given to us by President Lesley Di Mare and other faculty and staff members.”

The second half brought a twist to the game, where staff players like Kevin Coates changed the direction. The comeback ultimately led faculty and staff team to win.

“I felt pretty good. The Michael Jackson Thriller halftime dance was so awesome. The faculty and staff team winning is a plus as well. Next year, my hope is to have more CSU-Pueblo students attend,” Franklin said.