Faces of the Future for Golf


There are two new local recruits to the CSU-Pueblo women’s and men’s golf team this year that seem to be promising assets for both teams alike.

The men’s golf team has currently beaten 11 other Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) teams in the 2010-11 golf season. The team also took third place at the RMAC/NSIC Regional Crossover, with a surprising comeback.

With a strong record in the past, there are big shoes to fill this season for the men’s golf team.

Jonathon Park, an 18-year-old freshman with an undeclared major, was recently recruited from Overland High School in Denver.

Jonathon Parker also practicing at Walking Stick Golf Course. Photo by Andi Torguson

“Not many freshmen can come into a college athletic program and be helpful to the team,” said Josh Koschke, the coach of the men’s golf team.

Park is a native of Colorado and started playing golf when he was 7 years old. His father first introduced him to golf and he has been playing ever since.

“My transition from high school to college golf was a smooth for me because I have been playing competitively as a junior and senior in high school,” Park said.

Koschke mentioned how they scouted Park all over the United States and he was very highly ranked, so he already knew they wanted to recruit Park to the team. He has also had a lot of experience because he played in numerous states throughout the West.

Park touched on why he decided to come to CSU-Pueblo, which was mainly because he knew other recruits that would be attending this college and he wanted to contribute to the team personally.

“I am really looking forward to regionals in the spring season next year,” Park said.

Koschke stated how Park is currently in the RMAC battle for freshman of the year and there is a good chance he could win the NCAA All American if he keeps progressing.

“I am glad Jonathon came to CSU-Pueblo because he has been very respectful at practices, works hard in class and his teammates love him,” Koschke said.

On the other hand, the women’s golf team has been making headway, especially in comparison to last year.

Michaela Breit, an 18-year-old freshman majoring in business management, was recruited from Greeley West High School in Greeley, Colo.

Michaela Briet at Walking Stick Golf Course practicing golf in her free time. Photo by Andi Torguson
“Michaela brings stability and confidence to the team and is also very outgoing and energetic,” said Greg Dillon, the coach of the women’s golf team.

Breit mentioned how she has been playing golf for over seven years, but not competitively until high school.

“My dad is who got me interested in golf and since we lived on Highland Hills Golf Course it was very convenient for me to practice golf,” Breit said.

The women’s golf team is a young team and this is mainly because Dillon set out to find the youngest talent possible. “We want to build this team from the floor up with young women that we can shape and mold into champion golf players,” Dillon said.

Last year, he women’s golf team finished last in the RMAC women’s golf event and this year the team finished in third place. Breit took eighth out of 40 women in this same conference. This the first time the team has been nationally ranked.

“I am really looking forward to the team making regionals this season. I think we have a strong possibility to be able to make it,” Breit said.

Breit said that college golf is more competitive than high school golf and there is also more recognition involved. The women’s team is more focused on the sport now, oppose to high school where it was not taken as seriously.

“Michaela has been everything we wanted in a recruit. It is nice when a plan comes together and she is exactly what we planned for,” Dillon said.