Fans hop on the Bandwagon as teams continue to lose


Attention all Denver Broncos fans, if there are any left, please come out from hiding. Now that I have gathered up the last couple loyal fans it is time to address the unfortunate concept of “bandwagoning.” 

The Broncos’ decline began in week 8 of last season when the Ravens dismantled the team, 30-7. At the time the team still held a 6-1 record and a loyal fan base that was determined to see its team reach the playoffs for the first time since 2005.

Since week 8 the team has clawed itself to a 4-14 record, including this season, losing many of its fans along the way. While the record isn’t anything to brag about, for the first time in a long time the Broncos have been a team hard to cheer for.

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This decline has led many people to either, not admit they are Broncos fans or quickly scavenge to find another “winning” team, a prime example of a bandwagon fan.

Jump back to 2009, and amid the turmoil in Broncos camp, there was still a strong contingent of Broncos fans, especially after their impressive 6-0 start. Flip the script and compare that fan base with the “in” team of 2010, the Jets, and the numbers are likely to be similar.

Maybe the Jets fans finally came out of hiding after their deep playoff run that no one expected. However many of my friends and people around campus have come out from hiding and they are joined in numbers to support their beloved J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets.

What makes sports fun, is that not everyone is always going to have the same opinion as you, which can lead to hours and hours of fun debate. But I’m pleading, begging and trying to reason with all sports fans, please don’t bandwagon!

For all of the fans that have already made the jump from ship, I offer simple advice to you, stay on that ship or please don’t come back.

Agreed we are in turmoil at the time but after one successful draft, a more committed team, a willing coach and a solid work ethic things can be overturned in a matter of a season. An example that comes to mind is somewhere along the lines of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

While success is few and far between in the NFL with only one champion being crowned at the end of the season, it can be easy to turn a cold shoulder on your team. However with the good always comes the bad, so again I am urging you all to stand by your teams.

In a season where the AFC West is led by the Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders; a Broncos nightmare, there are always some positives to take from the season. A high draft pick and some positive personnel changes may be on the horizon. Take a look on the bright side of things. We could be Cowboy fans.