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Miami stops Oklahoma’s last minute rally


Lebron James attemps jumper over Thunder's Serge Ibaka and Thabo Sefolosha. Photo from Ronald Martinez/Getty Images.
Miami Heat proved that they could recover from the game one loss against Oklahoma City Thunder and pull away with a victory in game two.

Game two had started and it was similar in many ways to game one. Miami came out blazing and pulled ahead of the Thunder for the majority of the game. Miami proved to be more aggressive and had more rebounds, which played a huge factor in their chances for a victory.

“The Big 3” of Miami were determined to come out and put up points. They worked together and got the baskets they needed. Lebron James scored 32 points, Dwyane Wade scored 24 points, and Chris Bosh ended up with 16 points. Their performance was better in this game and was good enough to hold a four-point lead until the clock ran out.

In addition to those points, Shane Battier was able to add in 17 points helping the Heat as he did in their previous victory. The biggest surprise in this game was Chris Bosh’s 15 rebounds, which all led to points for Miami.

“We’re playing a good team and it felt good to get a win in their house,” James said. “Now we’re going to Miami where we’re more comfortable.”

Oklahoma City forward Kevin Durant, seemed to be off early on in the game, missing his first six shots in the first quarter. Russell Westbrook didn’t seem too hot either, he couldn’t keep up with Miami as they passed the ball and gathered baskets. Lack of focus might not have been the problem, but the Thunder’s defense didn’t show up like it did in game one.

The Thunder reminded themselves that they needed to win and tried to rally back with six minutes left in the fourth quarter. Durant led this rally, but his team came up short. Durant was making shots when he needed to but his team looked lost and didn’t show up when he needed them.

The Heat allowed some points to stack up against them and their lead was cut to 3 points, but James, Wade, and Bosh played enough defense to hold off the Thunder. Durant was double-teamed for his final shot and couldn’t sink it. Westbrook had a chance for an easy rebound for possession, but tipped it into the hands of the enemy.

As time ran out, so did the chances of Thunder holding a lead in the NBA Finals. This series has proven so far that it is going to be a tough one. The team that manages to be busier, faster and more aggressive will be crowned the champions.

The NBA Finals will continue in Miami and Lebron will host the Thunder. Game three will start at 8 p.m. on Sunday, June 17, 2012.