Rockies gift Holliday, receive nothing


brandonhopper.jpgThe Oakland Athletics are celebrating an early Christmas this year, after the Rockies gifted 28-year-old slugger Matt Holliday in return for a stocking full of coal in the form of a has-been college star and two no-name “prospects.”

The Rockies blew their chance to get a proven, exciting young star and some change on Monday, when they only acquired Huston Street, Greg Smith and Carlos Gonzalez.

It truly made me sick when I got a call from a fellow Rockies fan, irate when telling me who we were getting in exchange for the best player to ever suit up in purple and black.

Rockies fans were excited to hear their club acquired Street, who was the 2005 American League Rookie of the Year. Those fans must not realize Street lost his closer job to Brad Ziegler at the end of last season.

The funny thing is the Rockies are expected to deal Street to a team that needs a closer. They won’t get anything great for him, compared to what they could’ve got for Holliday.

This was the biggest piece of the puzzle for the Rockies, and now they’re going to give him up?

They gave up the face of the franchise, who if not for a strong East Coast bias, would’ve been the 2007 National League Most Valuable Player. At best, if things go well for the Rockies, they made a bad trade.

“I said going into the offseason that we’re going to be aggressive, and that hasn’t changed,” Rockies’ General Manager Dan O’Dowd said.

Aggressive is good. I’m just fine with aggressive.

But there is a fine line between aggressive and dumb, and you, Mr. O’Dowd have far surpassed that line! I’m not even sure O’Dowd can look over his shoulder and still see the line.

Listen, I’m going to be a Rockies fan no matter what. I’ll passionately cheer for them through the thick and the thin, through the good and the bad. I was lucky enough to attend the first ever Rockies home World Series game, and God-willing I’ll be at the next.

I just have a bad feeling that if the front office keeps making ‘head-up-their ass’ trades like this one, I may not be around to see it.