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Roller Derby jams in Pueblo

Jamming for Army on military apprciation night #22, Oh Henri! passes an Air Force blocker. Photo taken by Sam Acar

Roller derby was a popular sport in the 60s and 70s and has made a comeback in recent years. In 2007 Pueblo was awarded with a roller derby league.

Roller derby is a women’s contact sport played on roller skates by tough gals willing to take a beating. Roller derby is played on either a flat or banked track, by two teams.

Teams consist of up to 12 players, with five players from each team on the track. Players skate left turns around a track, similar to NASCAR drivers. A game, or “bout” consists of two 30-minute periods of “jams”.

Each round is called a “jam”, and each jam lasts up to two minutes. Each team has one “jammer” who wears a star on her helmet. To score points, the jammer must break through the pack of the other skaters.

Opposing skaters try to block the jammer from getting through, using hip and shoulder checks, but checks above the shoulders or below the knees are illegal. Once the jammer gets through, they must lap around and attempt to go through the pack again. For every opposing skater they pass, one point is awarded. When watching roller derby you’ll see cheering, falling, and even cheating.

Pueblo’s roller derby league is the Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz, and there are two teams in the league, the Jailhouse Jawbreakers and the Renegade Rollers. They practice and scrimmage at Skate City. They practice and play with each other, and play against teams from other cities. The Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz are always recruiting new players.

Home bouts are played at the Colorado State Fair Events Center and are always double headers. Upcoming home bouts are on September 3 and October 6. For more information visit the team page on Facebook or at