Seeing through the purple haze


A lot of people are complaining about the trade the Rockies finalized Wednesday shipping away Matt Holliday. It is unthinkable to those who’ve only known of the Rockies since their incredible run to the 2007 World Series, but the trade makes sense.

To a Rockies fan since the early days, it was a smart move that will pay off.

Those who remember Holliday playing third base in the minors realize they lost their perennial All-Star, but there are pieces to the Rockies puzzle that can keep the offensive numbers on par to past seasons.

The move is good for the Rockies because the trade fills a void in the closers role with Street. However, it may not be the area where pitching was needed most with money already locked up in Manny Corpas.

In the outfield, the easiest fix for losing Holliday will be moving the newest third base prospect, Ian Stewart, to left field. Ryan Spilborghs, who filled in for Holliday during his injury period in 2008, should be in center field.

Stewart has still yet to have a full season in the major leagues, but in the limited time he’s shown a big bat and athleticism to fit anywhere on the diamond for the Rockies next season.

In Stewart’s rookie season, his numbers were similar to Holliday’s with, of course, less at bats.

The Rockies did not get the ultimate value for Holliday, but at least they weren’t left empty handed. The Rockies weren’t going to be able to sign him to a new contract, and would’ve been left with nothing if they let him play out his contract.

The bandwagon is now lighter as fans who don’t understand what is going on have bailed on the team.

Some true fans are disgruntled after another mistake by the Rockies front office, but those who remain loyal will see another farm hand thrive in coming years.