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By Jacob Duran

Darren Aronofsky, one of the most visionary and risk-taking directors currently working in Hollywood presents an ambitious story. It contains a great cast, and a level of intrigue, psychological horror, and plenty of room for interpretation. A movie that is by far one of the most ruthless major studio films of recent memory.

Paramount Pictures “Mother!” is a film that chronicles a couple that lives in seclusion. One is a writer suffering with writers block and his stay at home wife live a new mountain home. However, their tranquil abode will soon have some unexpected visitors that will change their lives forever and in ways that they never would have imagined.

The story is one that combines horror and drama while also being a thriller. The story hits the right balance of giving you the information you need to know while also leaving a good amount of the story open to interpretation. There is also a heavy use of metaphors in the movie and they are all prominently utilized. This style allows the viewer to interpret the movie and helps it be interactive.

The cast has its main roles filled by Jennifer Lawrence as Mother and Javier Bardem as Him. There are other characters, however their roles are mostly supporting and their screen time fluctuates. Ed Harris and Michelle Pieffer play a man and woman who come to visit them. Both of these roles vary in terms of screen time and importance.

Darren Aronofsky had a great, fresh vision with this movie as it truly is unlike most other films being offered currently. He shot the movie from a fresh perspective and all parts of the frame play a role from the lighting to the editing. Mr. Aronofsky took risks that have a definite positive pay off. He set out to make a deep and challenging movie and he accomplished this vision and then some.


One thing that must be acknowledged though is how ambitious the movie is. It can put certain audiences off. Some scenes tend to get extremely intense and graphic, however being able to roll with this will allow the beauty of this film to be appreciated.

Where the intrigue comes into play is the splendid use of metaphors along with the plot having a great balance of room for interpretation and giving the necessary plot details. The way the movie is shot also stands out, as the lighting is dark yet has a certain light to it that makes the lighting effects stand out from other movies. The look is one that can distinguish itself extraordinarily.

Overall, the movie is just what Hollywood needed, an original and ambitious film. This is a movie that over time will only become more appreciated. This is a movie that doesn’t spoon-feed anyone and is very engaging and encourages discussion. The performances and overall take all risk, style and plot will make this movie a show that will age like a fine wine and only get better with time.