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Sustainable Fashion 


By Alexis Vigil 

Sustainability in fashion is a new movement for people who want to be more conscious and explore their clothing options. This is ideal for those who want to be both fashion-forward and environmentally friendly.    

Sustainable fashion refers to the whole life cycle of clothing from the beginning to the end. So, ask yourself not only, “Where are your clothes from?” but also “What sustainable options are you using between that? and “What should you do when you decide to part with old or unwanted clothing?” 

In this article I will discuss two sustainable options that have recently piqued my interest. The first is “rent, release and swap” and the other is “secondhand and vintage.”  

“Rent, release and swap” is a new trend where you rent clothes for a certain amount of time and then send them back for a new set. This option allows you to explore new styles and decide if you want to commit to something you really like. 

I tried a new, monthly, clothing rental subscription service from a brand called Nuuly. 

You rent six styles of your choice every month for $88 and you can add extra pieces for $18 each. The clothing they feature can be new, used or vintage and is recycled between renters. You can pause or cancel the service anytime and pay for anything you decide you want to keep. 

The Nuuly packaging is also a sustainable feature. They send the clothes in reusable boxes with inserts for the labels, they also provide you with one for return. This way there is no messy packaging and no throwing away cardboard boxes. 

Poshmark is another convenient service I use for “secondhand and vintage,” The site is a virtual marketplace for buying and selling new, used or vintage fashion items. This is a great option if you have some new or gently used items that you paid a pretty penny for and that are still worth something. You can also trade items or find something new to you on the site.