ASG president addresses concerns at faculty senate meeting

The agenda for the Colorado State University-Pueblo faculty senate meeting on Monday featured typical agenda items such as updates on issues like marijuana research, the strategic plan and retention. Interjected between the usual order of things was a guest the faculty senate welcomed, Antonio Huerta, CSU-Pueblo's Associated Students' Government president. He nervously awaited his turn to speak, tapping his foot and folding his printed script over and over. On his agenda was not to discuss a lighthearted topic, but to address an issue that concerned him and to open, what...

New ASG team gears up for action

ASG's Generation of Victory team is gearing up for the next year. | Photo courtesy of Antonio Huerta It has been a little over a week since Antonio Huerta and Maggie Geolat, along with 12 senators, were sworn in as Colorado State University-Pueblo’s Associated Students’ Government leadership team for the 2016-17 academic year. The newly elected Generation of Victory leaders took over the reigns from Sarah Zarr and Gene Wilson’s team, Legendary. The 12 senators are Alex Hyland and Keragan Ettleman from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Anthony...

Zarr leaves lasting legacy as her ASG presidency ends

ASG President Sarah Zarr is graduating with a degree in mass communications. | Photo courtesy of For many students at CSU-Pueblo, the university’s financial difficulties in 2013 and resulting faculty and administrative changes may now seem like ancient history. But there were hard times, and we aren’t through it yet, though the light at the end of the tunnel is finally clearly visible. At the frontlines of the battle for recovery was Sarah Zarr, now ending her tenure as CSU-Pueblo’s student body president in favor of graduating with her...
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