University Funding: A balanced budget and looking toward salary increases

Photo courtesy of Colorado State University-Pueblo budget goals for this year are mainly revolved around benefiting the faculty and staff. Warren Buffett once said, “Invest in yourself as much as you can, you are your own biggest asset by far.” That is precisely what CSU-Pueblo is planning to do with the overall budget this fiscal year. Vice President of Finance and Administration Karl Spiecker stated CSU-Pueblo needs to invest in salary increases for faculty and staff. “These increases include across the board cost of living adjustments, and pay equity...
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CSU-Pueblo’s budget worries part of a national trend

File photo Revelations over the semester about the present state of Colorado State University-Pueblo have brought what seemed like issues from the past back to the forefront. While administrators insist that the campus is on the road to recovering from recent financial setbacks, elements of both the faculty and students remain skeptical. Looking nationwide, however, CSU-Pueblo is not alone. Dropping enrollment numbers combined with a slump in public funding prompted Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen to tell the Bloomberg Business Report last year that as much as 50 percent...
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CSU-Pueblo delegation requests IT funding from state

Photo by Dustin Cox Outdated technology at Colorado State University-Pueblo has been a topic of conversation on campus for the last few years. The cost of upgrading the Internet and other important systems has been estimated in the millions, and there has been little movement toward funding or a resolution. On Jan. 23, a delegation from CSU-Pueblo made the trip to Denver to present a proposal to a technology joint committee from the Colorado State Legislature. The group included President Lesley Di Mare, Director of Facilities Management Craig Cason, Vice...